Monday, 4 April 2011

Oh My Gosh It's been ages!

Wow, when I started this last year I had such good intentions but life gets in the way of intentions, unless they are iron clad and have beeping alarm alerts to remind you to sit down and write something. So...last July, I was busy starting to rennovate the flat, enjoying a warm-ish summer and starting to wonder about writing a dissertation the following year.
In August my partner and I went back home to zimbabwe for a holiday. Since then my priorities have shifted a bit. It's no longer as important to get this place perfect, I have other plans for my life and other things and places I want to be.
Also when we got back in September the weather was turning and it was impossible to think about redecorating much, when there is a limited chance of the paint drying before you accidentally cover your coat in the nice white paint of the hallway as you walk past in the evening.

So... with the exception of the spare room which had to be done before the inlaws arrived for a month in December, we basically have pressed pause on everything.. To be honest I've lived in worse places.. maybe I'll start a blog post set on that? House number 28 and I remember small bits of each of them.

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