Thursday, 28 April 2011


I don't know of many tourists who travel to Kariba. I don't know why they don't go, maybe they don't know where it is, or how beautiful and relaxing it is? We spent a week at a gorgeous house there. It was my second trip there, my first was 2 nights camping with my family when I was about 14. This time round I went with my boyfriend, his parents and their friends. It was wonderful. It was hot, almost too hot! It got up to over 40 degrees Celsius while we were there. We went on booze cruise trips on the lake in the afternoon, watching the elephants drink at the waters edge. The waterbucks who gathered on the shoreline ignored the massive (well over 2 meter long) crocodiles who floated nearby. And the hippos which were everywhere watching us as we chugged past on our little boat. Both times we had to race back to the harbour as the sun dropped out of sight. The picture above was taken while we raced the descending darkness. Kariba is huge, and you really don't want to get caught out on the lake at night!

I fully intend to go back, and next time I will get to stay on a houseboat!

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